The Historical in Vienna, Sept

It's been almost 1.5 months and I have yet to post any update on my time here in Vienna! Shame on me. I am happy to report that I am settling in nicely. My host family is great and the three children are pretty manageable despite of the language barrier (they understand English pretty well, thank you previous au pair from England!).

Since I had didn't have much of a schedule in September I was able to visit a lot of sights and attractions. I have decided to break up everything into categories (historical, food, shopping etc.) according to month. Hopefully this will be more interesting and in depth (and personal) than a mere city guide but also quite digestible. A more comprehensive city guide according to my tastes can be made additionally down the road after spending more time here. The resources I am using to explore the city are: Design Sponge, No Reservations episode on Vienna, (BEST SITE EVER) and additional tips from Viennese local, Christina of The Epitome of Quiet.

September, Links of Note

I've tried to limit my time spent in front of the computer screen in favour of playing tourist and I think I was reasonably successful at it. Minus the copious amount of Instagram-ing. In any case, I still have some links to share, most of which were from (really) the end of August, when I did most of my readings in the end of my summer.

“You ask me an odd question. Of course one can work here, as anywhere else, if one has the will. Paris offers, further, an advantage you can’t find elsewhere: the museums in which you can study the old masters from 11 to 4. This is how you must divide your time. From 6 to 11 you go to a studio to paint from a live model; you have lunch, then from 12 to 4 you copy, in the Louvre or the Luxembourg, whatever masterpiece you like. That will make up nine hours of work. I think that ought to be enough.” 
That just sounds like the most wonderful schedule if you'd ask me. I just bought a sketch pad recently and can't wait to go back to the Kunsthistorisches Museum or another other for that matter with it. I also managed to get details on studio classes that I can (semi-illegally) drop in on at the University of Applied Arts here but we'll see...
Soon I will write about my adventures in Vienna for the month. Tschau!

P.S. Wishing the best for all my family and friends back in Hong Kong. Stay safe! I support #OccupyCentral.

California Part II: Sonoma and Napa

It has been hard trying to find the energy between jet lag and taking care of the kids, but here I am finally in Vienna! I can't say I've done a crazy amount in my first two weeks here (see my Instagram for photos of things I have done thus far) but I'm happy to report that I'm settling in nicely. Now for part II of my trip in California back in May.