Be Back Soon!

My time in Hong Kong is coming to an end soon — three days to be precise. Once I'm back at school with excellent internet to spare, expect plenty of posts to come on both FRC and #FactoryWatch. There are SO MANY things I need to catch up on and fill you in here. Due to poor internet and an abundance of free time, I've been reading a lot and thusly also thinking and writing a lot. I can't believe my last winter break is ending and my last semester ever as an undergraduate is here. I'm considering making my own little (updated) HK guide with the help of my friend Teresa, which should be fun :)

See y'all on the 23rd. Kisses. 

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  1. i've been following your stream -- what a blast! i hope to visit HK someday. and hey, you totally rock short hair. i LUV it.