Things of Note, Jan.

(Photos: Slim Aarons)
For someone who had so publicly announced her enthusiasm for blogging soon, I sure am taking my sweet time to make my first post back in the U.S. There is a lot to say, to be sure, however the difficulty is in trying to organize my thoughts in some semblance of coherence.

To ease my way back into blogging, here are some things of note I like/found interesting this month:

I've been a fan of Molly's work for a while for various magazines, but never realized that she was same person also writing fun short pieces for Into the Gloss, which I read with daily devotion. I recently decided to look more into her as a person and came across these two interviews, both of which I find enjoyable. If anyone knows of any other interesting young female writers, let me know!

I've always like Tom Ford and I think this video cemented my love for him. Remarkably introspective and eloquent on his past career and future trajectory, he truly hit the nail with the problem I personally have with his newer collections, that it is so different than 90s Tom Ford even though, well, still designed by Tom Ford. He changed my rather parochial view of how designers can evolve and I'm a better person for it. I can't wait until his next film comes out; those who have read my blog in the past knows of how much I liked his debut effort.

HER (2013): Trailer
I don't know if I should bother at all with writing a stand alone review for Her, since it's currently THE most hyped up film on the internet. The hype however is completely warranted, with a plot so rich with emotions and incredibly philosophically satisfying from beginning to end. If I had watched this last year, it would have taken the cake instead of Mud (2012) — yes that good!

ON WRITING WELL BY WILLIAM ZINSSER: Amazon (not an affiliate link)
Highly unsatisfied with the juvenile and unpolished manner of my own writing, I sought to better myself through a well-known bestseller of writing that is NOT Strunk & White, which I have read myself in junior year of high school. Strunk & White is more general and remains relevant, yet On Writing Well that focuses solely on non-fictional writing is far more easily understandable and readily applicable. I think in many ways it has already influenced the way I formulate my own writing, which I hope will be reflected in future blog posts. Because of this book I have also found a few writers, whose works I intend on seeking out to read (can you imagine I have never actually read any Joan Didion? I'm currently working my way through Slouching Towards Bethlehem).

I'm glad to be back for the most part, however I long for warmth and sunshine. I found myself woefully unprepared for just how mind-numbingly cold the East Coast is right now. For others also suffering under sub-zero temperatures, I hoped these Slim Aarons photos helped. 


  1. Oh your blog is so certainly a favorite of mine. :)

  2. William Zinsser's book is absolutely incredible. I've read it twice through, and yet I still feel like I haven't gotten everything I can out of it. And yeah, I totally agree with you regarding the exposure he gives other authors. I didn't think to pick up Nabakov's memoir until he mentioned it.

  3. RE: how you've never read any Joan Didion

    I actually had that revelation a few weeks ago and picked up that exact same book! Ha! I think I'll pick up that writing book, sounds interesting.